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End of year Awards Banquet / Dinner will be Saturday January 18th 2014
@ The Flame. 6:30PM

The word is out--competitive handgun shooting is fun!  The Aberdeen Handgunners' Club has been active in the Aberdeen area for over 30 years and would like to invite you to come join in the excitement of competitive handgun shooting.

    To become involved in handgun shooting, you will need eye and ear protection, a holster and enough speed loaders or magazines for forty rounds.  The gun used for competitive shooting can either be a double action revolver or a semi-automatic pistol.

    The matches are scored on speed and accuracy.  All courses of fire are unique and not known to the competitor until the day of the match.  Keep in mind that you are only scored with guns in your class.  Revolvers with open sights compete together.  Revolvers with optics and/or compensators compete together.  The same is true of semi-auto pistols.  The semi-auto class also has three divisions that are limited to ten rounds in the magazines.  There is also a .22 handgun class and for 2011 a tactical .22 rifle class.

    When you come to a match these safety procedures will be followed; 1) All firearms will be unloaded and in a case or holster, 2) the range is always cold, meaning that the only loaded gun on the range is the person competing, 3) firearms are handled only at the safe tables or on the firing line under the direction of the Range Officer, 4) no ammunition or magazines will be handled at the safe tables, 5) the Range Officer will ask the competitor to load and make ready, 6) when the competitor is ready, an audible signal from the electronic timer will signal the start, 7) when the competitor has fired the last shot he/she will be asked to unload the gun, show the Range Officer that the gun is unloaded, dry fire the gun down range, and holster.

    The basis of our sport is to have fun.  Your presence and conduct is far more important than your shooting ability.  If you're not doing well from the start, don't give up.  You will improve with practice and our club members will do everything to help you along.  We all went through the same learning process when we started.  More important is the camaraderie and friendships that last a lifetime.  The three principles of shooting at our club are to:

  • Always be safe       ·     Always try to do well 
  • Always have fun
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